Jul 29, 2021

In this Kairos moment of protest and awakening, Discipleship Ministries and other UMC agencies and groups are providing resources and guidance on how to become anti-racist individuals and churches. Please seek out the help you need in this time of transformation.

The Worship Team of Discipleship Ministries believes, however, that such a change will not happen unless the whole process is bathed in prayer every step along the way. To that end, they are providing daily prayers, Monday through Friday, to help keep us all centered on the journey ahead. Prayers can be used for personal and small group devotions, or in corporate worship.

Find out how to subscribe and receive prayers each day via email. And if you want to submit anti-racism prayers, contact them.

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Learn More: https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/articles/praying-for-change-daily-prayers-for-anti-racism

View previous prayers: https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/articles/praying-for-change-daily-prayers-for-anti-racism-july-september-2021.