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NEWSpirit is a quarterly newspaper that provides news and information on churches, ministries, events and resources for leadership throughout the Eastern PA and Greater New Jersey conferences. NEWSpirit interprets the affiliated mission, goals and strategies of the two conferences as EPA&GNJ. It also promotes evidence of vision, vitality and viability among our churches, ministries and faith communities.


NEWSpirit: A new newspaper to serve readers across EPA&GNJ

And Jabez called on the God of Israel saying, ‘Oh, that You would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory, that Your hand would be with me…”  1 Chronicles 4:10

The United Methodists of Eastern Pennsylvania and Greater New Jersey have a new newspaper that encompasses both conferences in its reporting of news and information, its sharing of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and its promotion of mission and ministries throughout our region.

NEWSpirit.  It’s an old name for some, but it represents a new mission and an increase in territory. Indeed, our mailing list of nearly 10,000 subscribers is sure to grow.

Members of EPA may recall the former NEWSpirit newspaper published in print from 2005 to 2019 and then solely online until publication was suspended in 2022. Meanwhile, GNJ members have long cherished their beloved conference newspaper The Relay, which ceased publication with its final issue in February 2023.

Both newspapers covered the news and journaled the lives, ministries and concerns of people and churches across their conferences. Seeing pages and stories pinned to church bulletin boards and overhearing people talk about recent stories they had read has always been heartwarming for us. We rejoice in seeing how our published media can connect people and help bring us together through the unifying power of storytelling... Learn more.

NEWSpirit Subscriptions

NEWSpirit is sent free of charge to all clergy and to lay ministers and elected leaders in our congregations, districts and conferences. Others may subscribe to NEWSpirit for a small annual fee of $10.00.

Mail your subscription request and payment.

Please make checks payable to: EPA&GNJ Communications
Send payments to:
United Methodists of Greater New Jersey
Attn: Treasurer’s Office
205 Jumping Brook Road, Neptune, NJ 07753