Everyone can do something!
Our Goal: Ecumenical collaboration to provide support through advocacy, education, restorative justice and resources for individuals, families and communities affected by the criminal justice system. Everyone can do something! Get started with our Prison Ministry & Restorative Justice Introductory Brochure (PDF).
Why is Prison Ministry & Restorative Justice Important?

As Christians we are called to do this:

  • Matthew 25:36b - “I was in prison and you visited me...”
  • Hebrews 13:3a - “Remember those who are in prison as though you are in prison with them...”

John Wesley believed that personal holiness needs to lead to social holiness and social justice. He ministered in prisons beginning in 1730.

Currently a large number of people in the US are under control of the criminal justice system. The costs to incarcerate people are considerable.  If we can help prevent situations that lead to incarceration, and help those who are incarcerated avoid recidivism, we will not only save money but will gain as these individuals contribute in a positive manner to society.

How can I help?


Getting involved does not have to mean going into prisons. Consider volunteering with an organization active in Prison Ministry, Restorative Justice, or Criminal Justice Reform.


There is a wide range of work needed. Support is needed for: Prevention, Those who are incarcerated, Families of those who are incarcerated, Victims, Correctional Facility Staff, Reentry, Education of our congregations and communities.

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Marilyn Schneider

Rev. Marilyn Schneider
Coordinator, Prison Ministry & Restorative Justice

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