The Eastern PA Conference Board of Trustees (United Methodist Book of Discipline, ¶2512,1-8) oversees all properties of the Conference, including the Conference Office, the Bishop’s residence, all the District Offices and parsonages,  and all the Camp & Retreat Centers. Its purview includes protection and preservation of church property and maintaining insurance coverage for all real estate and vehicles.

The board’s joint Employee/Management Safety Committee seeks to maintain the quality of life of conference employees by providing work places free from recognized and controllable hazards. Trustees also care for Workers’ Compensation concerns.

Because of the UMC’s Trust Clause–which makes church buildings property of their annual conference, held in trust for use by the congregation–when a church closes (rather than merges with another church) the Conference Trustees typically are charged with selling the church buildings and land. They have little relationship with local church trustees, save for offering occasional information, advice and training, but not any financial assistance. Local church trustees deal directly with the conference’s insurance brokers to have their insurance claims expedited.

The elected officers of the Eastern PA Conference Board of Trustees are: Mary Catherine Miller, President; James Duckett, Vice President; and Scott Johnson, Secretary. The Conference Treasurer and Conference Chancellor (Matthew Morley) both serve in those roles for the Trustees as well. These five persons serve as the board’s Executive Committee. Trustee Board meetings are on first Fridays monthly, from September through June.

Property & Liability Information