Impact-ful pastor to teach ‘Doing Church Differently’

2021 EPAUMC Faith-Sharing Seminar, Oct. 23

Learn to rethink your evangelism model and connect more with people and communities in innovative ways to share the love of Christ!

Impact Church DCD (Doing Church Differently™ ) is a model that “redefines the church experience through inclusiveness, relatable messages, energetic weekly gatherings, unique events and activities, relevant youth programs and community outreach.

The Rev. Olu Brown, founding pastor of one of the UMC’s fifth fastest-growing church in the U.S. will keynote the  Eastern PA Conference’s 2021 Faith-Sharing evangelism seminar on Saturday, Oct. 23, at 9 AM to 12 Noon via Zoom. Learn More

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UMCOR supports refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in 2021

Third in a three-part series: Global Migration Read part one here. Read part two here. From its founding, UMCOR has accompanied and served those who seek refuge and safety after fleeing their ...

Guidance for sexual harassment survivors

Too many times, Becky Posey Williams has seen it happen. A United Methodist woman contacts her in a panic because a meeting about her sexual harassment claim is approaching and ...

‘Church for nerds’ builds community without a building

As the world develops and changes, churches are embracing those changes and adapting in order to reach a new generation. Checkpoint Church in North Carolina is one of those … sort ...

An autumn in action at Camp & Retreat Centers

Pocono Plateau celebrates 75 years, invites work teams  Pocono Plateau will celebrate its 75th Anniversary on Saturday, Nov. 13. Come for the day and enjoy the beauty of the Plateau, ...

Church needs aid to stop rodent invasion in preschool yard

Bright Future Academy, a small but active and essential child development center located at El Mesias United Methodist Church in North Philadelphia’s Kensington community, is described as a blessing to ...

UMC leaders share important information for churches sponsoring Scout troops

United Methodist churches that have sponsored Boy Scout troops can expect to receive a “disclosure statement package” from the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) regarding its pending bankruptcy proceeding in the near ...

Celebrating Asbury’s voyage to America 250 years ago

Methodists in the U.S. and in Great Britain will simultaneously commemorate the 250th anniversary of the voyage and arrival of American Methodism’s first bishop, Francis Asbury, who journeyed here from ...

Districts pledge matching grants to aid recovery from recent storms

Churches and communities are still struggling to recover from the Hurricane Ida-caused storms that struck our region three weeks ago. Meanwhile, some are responding to the appeal for help by ...

Time to share Christmas greetings with inmates again

Imagine what it would be like to be behind bars this Christmas, with limited contact with family and friends.  Receiving a card with an encouraging note that shares the message ...


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