Bishop John Schol (center in purple shirt) visits Otterbein UMC in Mont Clare Sept. 11 to visit members and see recovery efforts there after storms from Hurricane Ida damaged much of the church and homes in the community Sept. 2. Here he joins (to his left) the Rev. Evelyn Kent Clark, South District Superintendent, and the Rev.Catherine Bowers, pastor, along with church and community members for prayer in the sanctuary, which was undamaged. Photo by Rev. Thomas Brooks
Conference seeks to help churches recover from Ida’s storms

The Eastern PA Conference wants to help hard-hit local churches and communities recover from severe damages inflicted by the remnant of Hurricane Ida as it swept through the Northeast region Sept. 2.

Several churches and numerous communities were ravaged by flooding and high winds, as one of the strongest hurricanes in recent memory wreaked havoc and historic destruction...

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Cabinet Priorities for Mission

Message from Bishop John Schol: Survey Response

Dear Friends in Christ,

You are called, chosen as disciples, leaders and congregations to go into the community and world to bear fruit. A powerful purpose for your life...

Time to share Christmas greetings with inmates again

Imagine what it would be like to be behind bars this Christmas, with limited contact with family and friends.  Receiving a card with an encouraging note that shares the message ...

Next Urban Summit to focus on victims, ‘co-victims’ of violence, Sept. 25

Honoring Victims and Co-victims* of Violence: An Urban Mini-Summit The Eastern PA Conference Urban Commission will sponsor an Urban Mini-Summit on urban violence on Saturday, Sept. 25, at 10 AM to ...

CONAM busily advocates for Native American justice concerns

The Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM) remains one of the Eastern PA Conference’s busiest groups, participating in recent activities and planning more to come. Several members hosted a display ...

October 1-2 Laity Academy now online only

Diana Wrisley, Dean of the 2021 Laity Academy, announced Sept. 9 that all classes for the Oct 1-2 academy session will be held online only, using Zoom video-conferencing. Classes intended to be held in-person at various churches are now canceled.

United Methodists pitch in with Afghan resettlement

With the recent tumultuous end of the 20-year Afghan war, tens of thousands of Afghans are arriving in the U.S., and United Methodists are part of the massive effort to help them make a fresh start. Learn more...

COVID-19 vaccination named missional priority

A United Methodist leadership body declared increasing vaccinations against COVID-19 a denomination-wide “missional priority.” Read story

Despite Ebola lessons, COVID-19 challenges Africans

Health officials across Africa are struggling to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, despite lessons learned in the fight against Ebola. As with the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa, they are ...

Hurricane Ida takes out church buildings

After ripping through parts of the Caribbean, Hurricane Ida wreaked havoc across southeast Louisiana early this week, including United Methodist-owned buildings among its targets. But the historic storm continued its ...


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    Hurricane Ida Response

    Video Message from Bishop John Schol - September 10, 2021

    Bishop John Schol, who became Eastern PA’s episcopal leader Sept. 1, met with the conference Cabinet and disaster response coordinator to learn about reported damages and relief efforts for Hurricane Ida, and to explore how the conference might respond to the ordeal both immediately and in the long term.

    That response should include funds raised through the conference’s ongoing Disaster Response Advance Special Fund (#0345). Bishop Schol appealed for generous donations and other aid in a new video message addressed to Eastern PA Conference members and churches.

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