Register now for our 2-part Laity Academy: Online August 6-7; Onsite Oct. 1-2

The Eastern PA Conference’s 2021 Laity Academy is like a smart restaurant adapting its business to COVID pandemic life.

This year the annual lay training event that offers nourishment for the mind and soul, will feed its flock in two ways: via dine-in and delivery—that is, by offering courses both onsite and online.

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CONAM leader to speak on Native American boarding schools legacy

Sandra Cianciulli, who co-chairs the Eastern PA Conference’s Committee on Native American Ministry (CONAM), will speak to students and faculty at West Virginia University August 5-6 about the former industrial ...

Reopened summer camps enjoy ‘homecoming’

We’re just weeks from the end of Summer Camp at our four Eastern PA Camp and Retreat Centers—which is too soon for many. This has been an historic season after ...

2021 Mission u

JOIN US: July 22-30, 2021!

Do you feel like things are falling apart? The past year has been a great unraveling, when it seemed like our world literally shifted. But in spite of the pandemic and the chaos, God’s grace is still unfolding! As we read in 2 Corinthians 4:16-18, there’s more here than meets the eye. When it looks like things are falling apart on the outside, on the inside God is making new life!

Attend Post Pandemic Pondering & Planning, August 2

As the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, more churches are planning, preparing or just pondering  steps to take to fully, safely and effectively reopen in the coming months. And many of their ...

Native American caucus calls for Day of Truth and Repentance, Oct. 6

The Native American International Caucus of the United Methodist Church (NAIC) has issued “A Call to Truth Telling and Repentance,” asking UM bishops and conferences to make Oct. 6 “A ...

Where to worship online

United Methodist Communications lists on its “Where to worship online” web page information and access links to UM churches around the nation and in the Philippines offering online worship services. ...

Death and Resurrection Series

What happens when we die? What happens next? Is there life after our lives here on earth, and what will it be like? And how do we honor the life and ...

Seminar to focus on domestic violence in marginalized communities

The Eastern PA Conference will explore this fall how domestic violence is experienced and addressed by people who face injustice, neglect and other disadvantages because of their race, ethnicity, disability, ...

New Economic Justice Council to improve racial equity

The Eastern PA Conference Commission on Religion and Race (CORR) has formed an Economic Justice Council with clergy and lay members from across the Conference who reflect racial-ethnic and gender ...


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Juneteenth and July 4th: A tale of two Independence Days

Jul 01, 2021 | By John W. Coleman

At a time when America’s freedom is endangered by efforts to restrict or even thwart voting rights for all, it may be timely for us to have two holidays to celebrate our nation’s freedom and independence—both actual and aspirational. July 4th ends a two-week, bookended period of equally important occasions that one might call our Freedom Days. It began with historic significance in our first celebration of Juneteenth, June 19, as a national holiday... Read More

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Tools for Ministry recordings now online to offer more learning

Like a good toolbox, this year’s Tools for Ministry online leadership academy, held March 13, is still available and useful. At least 26 of the 34 diverse, 90-minute courses, all provided via video conferencing on Zoom, were recorded. A page full of links to those recordings is now available on the conference website.

The conference was forced to offer Tools for Ministry fully online for the first time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to view.

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