Do you have a recent or upcoming activity, event or concern happening in your church, district or community that might be of interest to others in the conference? Is there someone--a pastor, leader or member--in your United Methodist congregation who is engaged in vital ministry that significantly impacts the lives of others--someone who is truly making disciples of Jesus Christ and helping to transform their church, their community or quite possibly the world? Then we want to know about it and maybe tell others about it, too.

Include important details, such as a title and brief description, date and time, location with full address, cost and registration information, and a contact person with e-mail address and telephone numbers. Attach a flyer or brochure if you have one in MS Word, Powerpoint, or in a PDF. Please, please, please, don’t hide your light under a bushel. Let us help shine your light for all to see. Tell us what you’re planning, so we can tell the world.

Send us your news, information, events or story ideas. We might not be able to cover every story we get; but we'll do our best. Also, send us church-related job openings or items to donate that you want to publicize throughout the conference.

Submit your:

  • News information, stories or ideas;
  • Classifieds information (job openings and items to donate); and
  • Event information for posting on the Eastern PA Conference Website.

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