healing ministryNew Connection for Health Ministries, Missions, and Social Action

The Global Ministries Team was just formed to combine the work of three conference committees: the Health and Healing Council, the Mission Committee, and the Church and Society Work Team. Why? Because there is a natural connection between health, missions, and social action. Health in the U.S. is connected to global health, as we have clearly seen in the COVID-19 pandemic. The right of every person to have access to affordable health care is a justice issue, as well as a goal of our mission work internationally. Peace with Justice Grants, which were administered by the Church and Society Work Team, are available to churches to develop ministries related to health for all people and social action on many justice issues.

The Wellspring newsletter, published since 2015 by the Health and Healing Council, will now become the voice of the Global Ministries Team. Learn more in the Fall/Winter 2020 Issue of Wellspring.



Vaccines, variants and the road ahead

Experts to teach Eastern PA about COVID cure outlook

Two new vaccines—and a third one on the way—promise a virtual cure for COVID-19 and an eventual end to the pandemic. But the road ahead still has deep potholes to navigate in the form of threatening variants that are growing in our region alongside the number of persons being vaccinated.

Experts worry that such mutations of the virus—especially the U.K. variant— can be 50 percent more contagious and also more resistant to current vaccines. And experts are just as worried that people are becoming too lax about congregating without wearing masks or socially distancing, even as infections, hospitalizations and deaths continue to increase across our state. Read More

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Explanation of the GBGM Initiative: Birthed from the success of “Imagine No Malaria,” the General Board of Global Ministries launched “Abundant Health: Our Promise to Children” in 2016. This initiative seeks to get us thinking about people in our own communities who lack the healthy qualities of life they need to sustain themselves. Recognizing systemic change as essential for the health of us all, the Abundant Health program seeks to engage at least 10,000 churches in the United States to develop support systems for treatment, education, and prevention in their surrounding communities by promoting physical activities, encouraging healthy diet and nutrition, providing education for tobacco- and drug-free living, and promoting mental health education.