In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.
Matthew 5:16 

In the Eastern PA Conference, Communications is a powerful resource to help members and churches keep informed and connected, and to help them shine their lights and tell their stories of faithful ministry to the world.

We produce and publish a robust menu of multi-media resources that includes: NEWSpirit, our quarterly newspaper offered online; NEWSpirit Digest, our weekly online newsletter; Jobs Digest, the monthly online bulletin of employment openings; E-blasts, occasional bulk e-mails transmitting news alerts, clergy death notices, and official letters and statements from the Bishop's Office; Our conference Website, which covers a wide range of activities across the conference, offering news, event listings, resources, contacts and other information; and Our several social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, YouTubeFlickr, and Instagram. And finally we produce occasional videos to inform, interpret and promote a variety of ministries and the people who make them happen.

The Office of Communications works closely with an elected Communications Resource Team and with other conference offices, ministries and leadership. Most of all, however, we depend on the districts, pastors, leaders and members of our many churches to keep us informed about their ministries and concerns, so that we can inform and indeed, enlighten the world.

One of our key goals is to do more to resource and help local church communicators do their work more effectively by offering information and training, both online and face-to-face. In doing so, we will use and pass on valuable information and resources from United Methodist Communications and other helpful sources.


Eastern PA Conference launches new website

It’s finally here! After 5½ years, the Eastern PA Conference has a new website with new colors, new pages, new features, a new more contemporary style, new functionality, and a whole new look. “New” is the key word here. In fact, it’s key to all our publications’ and departmental name: NEWSpirit Communications. Read More

NEWSpirit Weekly Digest

A weekly, pictorial online newsletter reporting the latest in conference news and announcements, including new clergy appointments, key events, resources, and ministries. Most stories are brief, but introductions to longer stories link to our website or other media sources for more information. A great publication to forward to others. Better yet, encourage them to subscribe. It's free. Subscribe here.

More NEWSpirit Media:
NEWSpirit Newspaper

A quarterly publication (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall issues) offered online. NEWSpirit reports up-to-date news and views of the conference, including important concerns, events, resources, ministries and personnel.

Featured are insightful, inspiring opinion columns written by Bishop Peggy Johnson (Faithfully Yours). Also included are recent clergy death notices and lots of colorful photos, including vivid photo displays of major events like Annual Conference.

Local Church Communicators Survey

Local Church Communicators, please download, complete and return our short questionnaire, so that we can better communicate, serve and share resources with you and your church. Thanks!
Download: Communicators Survey

Resources from UMCOM

Style and Reference Guide Produced by UMCommunications

Local Church Crisis Communications Plan Produced by UMCommunications