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Christmas is approaching!

Wreaths Across America is a national program involving the decorating of gravesites each December to honor the past service of those in the American military (from any era).

My congregation at Hopewell found this to be a marvelous occasion – in the midst of the holiday season – for welcoming to our campus as many as two hundred folks from the community.  After sharing in a brief worship liturgy featuring the hope-filled scriptures and songs of Advent, family members placed at the headstone or grave-marking of their loved one a simple evergreen wreath, attached with a hand-written “Thank You” expression for service in the past... Learn More

About Charge Conferences

For more information, please see the emails sent on July 23rd and August 10th!

How To Fill Out Charge Conference Forms
Greetings GREAT North,
We have had many requests for the recording of the ZOOM session conducted on Monday evening (9/20) when we did a Q&A regarding Charge Conference forms. HERE IS THE VIDEO RECORDING! Please note, however, that during our session, we had an interruption of the recording and so the session is divided into two videos. Don't worry; less than 1 minute of the meeting was missed.
Here are the links to the videos with the time stamps on where to find specific items:
  • 5:30 - Forms - How to find on website, information about misc. forms
  • 9:20 - 2021 Checklist overview with more information on various forms
  • 25:20 - Overview of Ad Council report
  • 32:32 - Introduction to Compensation Report
  • 0:00 - Filling out the Compensation Report, with questions
  • 22:45 - Submission of forms via Google Drive and general questions

If you need another copy of the checklist, CLICK HERE!

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