Fathers & Daughters
In the Biblical Tradition

A 7-Week Bible Study for Lent 2022

Week One Genesis 29: 13-30
“A Stealthy Wedding Planner” Rev. Nina Patton-Semerod

Week Two Numbers 27: 1-11
“Worthy of Inheritance” Rev. Tim Fisher

Week Three – Acts 21: 7-14
“Early Voices in the Church” Rev. Eric Yeakel

Week Four Job 42: 10-17
“Remembered by Name” Rev. Dave Felker

Week Five Esther 4:1-17
“Raised to be Bold” Rev. Stacy Gonzalez

Week Six Judges 11: 29-40 (Holy Week)
“A Grave Sacrifice” Rev. Portia Kuzanga

Week Seven (post-Easter) Luke 8: 40-42, 49-56
“It Ain’t Over” Rev. Jenny Freymoyer

This brand new study for the Season of Lent 2021, developed by North District Superintendent Steve Morton, flows from the language of Proverbs 6:16-19. Intended to begin the week of Ash Wednesday, the first seven sessions will address the “seven things the Lord hates.” Session eight is a post-Easter word of encouragement from Bishop Peggy Johnson. This study may be conducted virtually online or in an in-class environment. 

Character Matters LEADERS GUIDE

If you would like a flash drive with the study mailed to you, please email Deb Boyd at dboyd@epaumc.org.

The North District has made available these music selections that can be plugged into your worship services:

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Leaders Guide - The Women Who Knew
Group Leader's Guide- Great Things He Has Done
"Advent Dreams" Bible Study

A video-based bible study curriculum developed by DS Steve Morton back in 2015 explores the unique and instructive dream sequence in Matthew 1 & 2. ‘A perfect four-lesson study for the season of Advent, using video presentation, small group Q-and-A, and a fun exploration of various paintings which depict these dreams in disparate ways. Plan now for your November-December classes. Be in touch with DRA Deb Boyd for copies of the curriculum, or watch online now:

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