Transition Resources

All clergy transition appointments and churches welcoming new appointments will be invited to attend a workshop to be scheduled this spring. Churches should send a team of 4-6 people that includes key leaders. The current pastor joins the team for the morning “Transition-Out” session and the incoming pastor joins the team for the afternoon “Transition-In” session.

Leadership Academy: Pastoral Transition Workshop

If your United Methodist congregation in Eastern Pennsylvania or Greater New Jersey is going through a pastoral transition, we’re here to help. Our Pastoral Transition Workshop course, hosted by the Leadership Academy’s Teachable platform, offers guidance and support for navigating this process. Enroll now to ensure a smooth transition for your congregation.

Click HERE to begin. The link will take you to our Teachable course.

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Scriptures for a Season of Transition
This resource list is produced by the EPAUMC Connectional Ministries Office.