Mission as the Compass for Making Appointments

  • A clear mission objective will guide appointment discernment. The primary criterion for making appointments is the question, “Will this appointment further the mission objective?”
  • Appointment Mission Objective: Maximize making disciples of Jesus Christ, growing healthy vital congregations and transforming communities and the world.
    • New Disciples of Jesus Christ – Will this appointment increase the number of new people entering into a relationship with God by following the life and teaching of Jesus Christ?
    • Healthy Congregations – Will this appointment grow the health and sustainability of the congregation? Sustainability is a measure of: Are there enough people to carry out the mission; is there sufficient leadership to lead the growth and development of the congregation; and are there sufficient funds for the ministry including property maintenance, apportionments and billings for benefits and property insurance?
    • Congregational vitality – Will this appointment grow vitality? A vital congregation engages its people in five areas for fruitful ministry.
      1. Worship that inspires people to put God first in their lives and deepen their faith.
      2. Small groups that connect people to one another, deepen both understanding and the practice of following Christ, and engage people in hands on mission.
      3. Mission that engages people in the community through ministries of mercy and justice.
      4. Formation of new disciples.
      5. Generosity that extends the mission of the congregation into the community and around the world.
  • Transforming the community and world – The congregation’s ministry is changing lives and changing the community into God’s vision for the world.

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