At Jim Thorpe Days at the Carlisle Army Barracks April 25, 2019. From left to right: Sherry Wack (Co-chair of EPAUMC CONAM), Ed Hall (VP of Carlisle Indian School Project), Sandi Ciancuilli (Co-chair of EPAUMC CONAM, VP of Circle Legacy, President of Carlisle Indian School Project), Nikki Minnichbach (geologist with Corps of Engineers), Suzanne Duchesne (member of EPAUMC CONAM), Verna Colliver (Secretary of EPAUMC CONAM)

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Support Native American Ministries May 1 and beyond

How can you learn about Native American heritage, culture, concerns and faith expressions, on Native American Ministries Sunday, May 1, and beyond? View EPA's Committee on Native American Ministry" (CONAM) 2022 Tools for  Ministry workshop (abridged) titled "Mitakuye  Oyasin ('We  are  all  one  family') in Action: Native  American Ministries Sunday and Beyond." The recording is available on the EPA Conference Native American Ministries web page.

You can also obtain and access online the Native American Ministries Pastor and Leader Kit, which provides various resources. And see our previous article, "Suggestions for Local Churches to get involved in Native American Ministries."

In addition, CONAM member Ron Williams invites everyone to the 8th Annual Pow Wow on Manatawny Creek in Pottstown, next weekend, April 30 to May 1... Read more.

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"Indian Country’s Hidden Figures: Outstanding Native American Women"

This is a worship liturgy and a Power Point presentation first presented on April 19, 2020 for the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. View the presentation.

Visit our page on the UMC Acts of Repentance toward Healing Relationships with Indigenous Peoples for study guides and recommended reading regarding the UMC Acts of Repentance services.

Also see our list of Suggestions for Local Churches to get involved in Native American Ministries.