An EPA&GNJ Communications editorial team determines newspaper content, in concert with the bishop, Connectional Ministries directors and other contributing conference staff. Content includes news, ministries, resources and events considered important and of likely interest to United Methodists across our two EPA&GNJ conferences. We seek to offer a combination of interesting local church, district, conference and denominational news and information.

We invite and eagerly welcome submission of news and events from church leaders. All submissions are subject to our review, editing and publication, based on their alignment with NEWSpirit’s stated purpose, priorities, policies and space availability. If we are unable to publish an appropriate news story or announcement in NEWSpirit we will attempt to publish it on the relevant conference website

Every news story should have accompanying images to be published in NEWSpirit (and also on our website). We request all submitted photographs to be clear, well-composed, high-resolution, JPEG images. We may seek more information and images if needed. Thus, contact information (name, email address and telephone numbers) must be provided. Please submit all news and information to

Deadlines for submitting news and information for NEWSpirit
Spring 2023 issue: April 12, 2023 (Publish April 28)
Summer 2023 issue: June 21, 2023 (Publish July 12)
Fall 2023 issue September 11, 2023 (Publish October 11)
Winter 2024 issue December 6, 2023 (Publish January 10)