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Featured Resources:

Praying for Change: Daily Prayers for Anti-Racism

In this Kairos moment of protest and awakening, Discipleship Ministries and other UMC agencies and groups are providing resources and guidance on how to become anti-racist individuals and churches. Please seek out the help you need in this time of transformation.

The Worship Team of Discipleship Ministries believes, however, that such a change will not happen unless the whole process is bathed in prayer every step along the way. To that end, they are providing daily prayers, Monday through Friday, to help keep us all centered on the journey ahead. Prayers can be used for personal and small group devotions, or in corporate worship.

Find out how to subscribe and receive prayers each day via email. And if you want to submit anti-racism prayers, contact them.

Click here to subscribe.

Learn More: https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/articles/praying-for-change-daily-prayers-for-anti-racism

View previous prayers: https://www.umcdiscipleship.org/articles/praying-for-change-daily-prayers-for-anti-racism-july-september-2021.


A Charter for Racial Justice Policies in an Interdependent Global Community

From The Book of Resolutions of the UMC— 2016.

You can view and learn more about the charter on the UMW website: www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/

Implicit Bias: What We Don’t Think We Think

We know many of you have downloaded and used the Implicit Bias Workbook. This popular resource is now available as a free, on-demand online course designed for you to take at your own pace. Learn More

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General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR) website

Racial Justice Conversation Guide [PDF] – This article is presented by GCORR, culled from the resources available on their website at gcorr.org.

Please use and share this information as a follow-up to the Bishop’s request for action in response to the crisis and tension existing in our country and communities as a result of shootings.

Other News, Views, & Resources

Bishops’ Lenten devotions focus on dismantling racism

The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church offer a weekly devotion during the Lenten season which begins this week. Each Wednesday during Lent and every day during Holy Week, a 15-minute recorded devotion, led by a bishop and leaders from their episcopal areas will be released.

“We are offering this Lenten Devotion Series on Dismantling Racism in the hope that the church can engage in honest reflection about the realities of racism, colonialism and tribalism. All of these sins persist in the church, our local communities..." Learn more...

Dismantling Racism Panel Discussions

Around the connection, United Methodists have gathered online and in-person to confront issues of racism. Learn more at UMC.org.

Videos from Other Events

Justice or Just Us?  The Biblical Call to Confront Racism
A video series from Amplify Media

Confronting racism is not just a social or political matter, but a theological one. It is the Bible that calls us to pursue justice, and the Bible that calls us to oppose racism. Justice or Just Us is a four-week video curriculum based on a sermon series and anti-racism commitment at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church in Indianapolis. Learn More

Anti-racism: White United Methodists speak out

The Rev. David Tatgenhorst, pastor of St. Luke United Methodist Church in suburban Bryn Mawr, Pa., chooses to live in a diverse, urban Philadelphia neighborhood. “If we’re going to heal (racism), we have to be able to look at it, to see it, to know what it is,” he says. As a leader in POWER, the interfaith, grassroots justice organization, he is is one of many White United Methodists speaking out boldly and unapologetically about what it looks like to work toward racial justice, understanding privilege, and condemning systemic racism. UMCom published this story Feb. 5, 2021. Learn More

Free video study on talking about faith, race in your church

Moving Faith Communities to Fruitful Conversations about Race is a dialogue about race in America and may be used to help your church bring people together to talk about moving forward bravely and boldly in the name of Christ. The resource is divided into four 15-minute videos which may be used in one or more sessions. From the Lewis Center for Church Leadership. Watch now.

United Methodists Stand Against Racism

We recognize racism as a sin. We commit to challenging unjust systems of power and access. We will work for equal and equitable opportunities in employment and promotion, education and training; in voting, access to public accommodations, and housing; to credit, loans, venture capital, and insurance; to positions of leadership and power in all elements of our life together; and to full participation in the Church and society. Learn More

Conference commission leads the way to ‘Dismantling Racism’

Dismantling Racism. The term, growing in use, conveys an apt understanding that this social scourge is large, systemic and complex, with many parts—and that it must be taken apart or demolished from different angles. That is how the Eastern PA Conference is approaching the stubborn sin of racism... Read More

East Ohio black clergy share their experiences

The East Ohio Conference Black Pastors' Fellowship and the office of Multicultural Vitality have produced a new video series aimed at creating discussion and moving all of us towards racial justice.

Black United Methodists want changes

Black United Methodists are pushing for change in the denomination, and they aren’t interested in waiting much longer, according to a new book of essays. Dec. 14, 2020.

Church has the tools to dismantle racism today

In one hour, four young United Methodist leaders addressed why now is the time for the church to engage in dismantling racism and how each local church can — and must — make a change in the communities where it is serving.  The Aug. 26 broadcast on The United Methodist Church’s website and Facebook page was part of a series of denominational town hall meetings held to discuss eradicating racism. Eastern PA Conference’s own Ann Jacob was among the panelists. Learn More