Statistical Report Submission Instructions

Grace and peace to you,
It’s once again time for your church to prepare your Statistical Report. All churches are required to submit the Statistical Report using the new ACStats System of the General Board of Finance and Administration. The website address is  
Your username is your church’s GCFA ID Number (6 digits). You can find the GCFA number on your monthly remittance statement, or on your copy of last year’s Statistical Report. For your password, please type in “stat2022@” (do not include quotation marks). It is case and space sensitive; you must use all lowercase letters with no spaces. 
One difference from the system we have used in previous years is that each person entering data into their church record will need to create their own user profile. Pastors with multiple charges will not be able to create a profile for church A and church B using the same email address. Multi-charge Pastors can use any secondary email address for church B, it just cannot be the same as the email used for church A. This is a known system shortfall, but it will likely not be fixed until 2024. Create a user profile by visiting the “security & settings” option on the horizontal bar and select the dropdown menu, then choose "user account management".
There are four sections, or tables, into which information is to be entered. After all four tables are completed, make sure it is properly reviewed because your church’s apportionments directly depend on the accurate reporting of these numbersTo make the task less daunting, you can work in stages and save partial information until later without submitting it. 
Please check the EPA Conference website for updates and FAQs as we move through this process together. We know that it’s a new system for the local churches as it is for us at the conference office. We solicit your prayers and your patience as we navigate this Statistical Input journey together.
The website will be open for data entry on Thursday, December 29 and the deadline for completing the report is January 31, 2023.
If you have questions, please email Lawrence Lee or Rev. Joy Griffin.
Resting in God’s peace,
Lawrence A. Lee, Comptroller and Conference Statistical Report Coordinator

FAQs Submission

Lawrence A. Lee, MBA
Finance Manager