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Recent months have brought more than their share of new surprises. The 2020 Conference Journal is different. This Journal will be published in two sections. The first part of the Journal holds the majority of the Journal information and reports. The 2020 Journal Part 1 costs $23 and is available from print on demand publisher Lulu Press.  The remaining two reports, Clergy Service Record and the Clergy Compensation, will be printed separately in part two of the Journal at a later date. The second part of the Journal will cost $5. The complete Journal will also be available for $28. The entirety of the Journal will also be available online on this website. Please contact your DRA for password information.

To purchase your Journal online with a credit card, use the "Order Now!" button below to recieve your Journal directly through on-demand printing. If you would like to purchase your 2019 Journal with a check, you can still contact Regina Raiford Babcock in the Conference office via email rbabcock@epaumc.org or phone 610.666.9090, ext. 1002. Please feel free to contact the Conference office for any additional Journal questions.

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You may download the password-protected online journal for free at the link below. Please contact your District Resource Assistant to receive the password to unlock this version.

Download: 2020 Journal - Part 1 (Password Protected)

The online journal is password-protected to respect the privacy of individuals with their personal contact information listed.

If you are looking only for the Church Directory or Clergy Directory, you can visit our online directories below:

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