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Eastern PA Conference Officers

Conference Secretary
Rev. Jacqueline Hines,

Conference Lay Leader
Mr. David Koch, (610) 363-9544,

Conference Treasurer
James Brown, (484) 762-8224,

Exec. Director, Pension & Health Benefits
Director, Administrative Services
Mrs. Jo Fielding, (484) 762-8213,

Exec. Director of Connectional Ministries
Rev. Dawn Taylor-Storm,

Conference Chancellor
Mr. Matthew Morley, Esquire
KLM Attorneys LLC
114 Wet Market Street
West Chester, PA 19382
Telephone: (610) 650-0439
Fax: (610) 696-5476

Officers of the Corporation
Mr. William Thresher – President
Rev. James A. Duckett – Vice-President
Rev. Claude M. Roney – Secretary