Mar 19, 2024

EPA’s Board of Ordained Ministry will offer an Advanced Sexual Ethics course on Friday, April 12, and a Basic Sexual Ethics course on Friday, May 3.

The Advanced Sexual Ethics course will be taught April 12, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., at Covenant UMC in Springfield. The title isBelow the Surface: Is Your ‘Stuck’ Parishioner a Survivor of Childhood Sexual Trauma?”

There is no definite timetable for a person to work through grief or other issues, but when a person seems stuck, or even regressing, it could be a sign of something deeper than the presenting issue. And that deeper issue could be childhood sexual trauma. Participants will: be educated on the current realities of the sexual abuse of children; learn how to discern if there might be a deeper issue at work in the life of their parishioner; and learn when to refer a parishioner for help (and whom to refer them to).

Led by Licensed Professional Counselors Donna Marie Liu and Michael P. D’Angelo of the Center for Pastoral Counseling, and a staff member from the Family Support Line. Participants are encouraged to share any questions they might have for discussion ahead of time, and case studies are welcome. The workshop will be a mix of presentation, discussion, role-playing and reflection. Lunch will be provided. Register.

The Basic Sexual Ethics course, May 3, 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., will be taught at Conshohocken UMC. It seeks to develop a systemic understanding of how clearer boundaries are a foundational part of a healthier ministry, especially in the areas of self-care and human sexuality. Attendees will develop an increased awareness of the life-long process of creating and maintaining personal and professional boundaries through the application of Family Systems concepts to the analysis of their own ministerial roles, experiences, and contexts.

Dr. Mayra Picos-Lee, a licensed marriage and family therapist, will teach the course. She teaches at Palmer Theological Seminary and directs its MTS Latino/a Ministries program. Register.