Mar 12, 2024

Church of the Good Shepherd is seeking candidates with a strong Christian faith committed to designing and leading music for our contemporary worship services. Duties include coordination of musical arrangements, activities, singers, and musicians. This is a part time (10 to 12 hours per week) year round paid position.

• Strong Christian faith and commitment to leading worship
• Understand the purpose and goals of the Contemporary service
• Possess a broad range of musical ability and knowledge
• Be able to train, coach and recruit volunteer musicians
• Have knowledge of all types of music styles and instruments
• Strong keyboard skills are preferred
• Possess good people and organizational skills
• Be able to work well in stressful situations
• Attend design team meetings
• Consult with the Director of Contemporary Worship Ministries to choose songs based on the service theme
• Communicate with Director of Contemporary Worship Ministries and Media Coordinator prior to the beginning of
• Direct musical activities at rehearsal and at Sunday Worship
• Subscribe and be aware of on-line information to enhance the quality of the service
• Subscribe and learn new techniques available for enhancement of the service

• Bachelor’s degree in Music preferred but not required.
• 3-5 years of experience as a Contemporary Worship