Sep 16, 2015

Denominational leaders, seminary faculty and local church practitioners from the United States and Canada, who either work or teach in the field of evangelism, will convene in Nashville next month for a historic meeting to discuss how to reclaim evangelism in today’s world.

“The United Methodist Church and Discipleship Ministries are proud to be hosting the first-ever ecumenical conference in North America that includes representatives from the Protestant, Orthodox and Catholic faiths,” said Dr. Timothy L. Bias, General Secretary (chief executive) of Discipleship Ministries.

The event, North American Conference “Reclaiming Evangelism: Celebrating Change and Collaboration,” will be held Oct. 29-Nov. 2 at the Discipleship Ministries office. The group of about 60 people also will include representatives from Pentecostal denominations, Orthodox Christians and Catholic theologians.

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