Feb 14, 2017

Want to see and hear a truly inspiring testimony? Check out a brief video story about the Rev. Joe Martin of Fallsington UMC. You can also find it on the church’s Facebook page. ME TV reporter Dawn Stensland-Mendte visited friendly Fallsington UMC on Sunday, Feb. 5, to feature their “Pastor Joe.” The former New Jersey television engineer for 40 years, a former atheist who saw most Christians as hypocrites, shares his story about first fleeing but then finding God in his late 50s and soon becoming a pastor–something he describes as “pretty amazing.”

He and his wife Penny both candidly testify to the dramatic turnaround in his life and character, which Joe attributes to God grace. “Just give God a chance,” he says. “With all the stuff I had before God, I thought I was the happiest guy in the world, until I found God. And now, serving God, I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my entire life.”