Oct 03, 2023

EPA’s Latino Commission invites all youth to its bilingual Unleashed! Youth Force event on Saturday, November 11, at 2 to 8 p.m., hosted by Casa del Pueblo at St. Paul United Methodist Church in Warrington. “Come meet new young people, enjoy good music, experience diversity, learn about youth leadership and navigating the challenges of using social media, and worship God together as one body.” REGISTER here. Contact: Imelda Zuniga at 267-987-3485 or imeynena@hotmail.com.

“It’s all about worship, workshops, games and hanging out with Christian youth from all over,” say event organizers. “Learn to unleash your leadership potential, navigate social media challenges and connect with fellow youth. We’ll close with an inspiring worship service that will empower your spirit with our music and message. Don’t miss it. Be part of the Youth Force movement!”

The agenda includes devotions and worship, fun icebreaker activities, and workshops about youth leadership. “Our mission? To bring together the youth from our United Methodist churches, create connections, spark hope, and show just how vital we are in our congregations and our denomination. We’re a force that can make a difference in our communities and cities.”

Pastor William Jimenez, “a music-loving, youth-engaging guru”’ will teach about youth leadership principles and possibilities. And Pastor Cesar Depaz will teach about navigating the maze of social media challenges and dangers as Christian youth.

“Learn how to be a Christian youth while making a positive impact online and staying true to your faith.”

“We’ve got an awesome band ready to lead us in worship. Get ready for a powerful experience where the Holy Spirit will flow, and you’ll be filled with renewed energy and purpose.

“This isn’t just another event – it’s your chance to make new friends, grow spiritually, and tackle the world of social media like a pro. So, mark your calendar, spread the word, and let’s make this an epic gathering of United Methodist youth. We can’t wait to see you there!” REGISTER here.