Nov 23, 2015

I AM Who I Say I AM

Waging War challenges the world’s distortion of Jesus’ identity by using the Gospel of John to affirm that Jesus still is who he proclaims to be not only in the scriptures but in our lives. Proving Jesus is everything we need, each lesson extends an invitation to a saving relationship and a renewed friendship between Christ and young adults.

Created by: Krystl Johnson
Messages by: Min. Peter r. Blue, Sr, Aaron J Smith, Min. Britni M. Johnson, Min. Floyd B. Jackson, Jr., Rev. Andre R. Briscoe, Jr., Joshua Foster, Audean “AJ” Miller, Christopher Adams

Filmed by: Eric Lovette, ilovette Productions
Edited by: Kyle Harter,

Brought to you by the Conference Council on Young Adult Ministries

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Season 2 Library


Disc 1

  1. Introductory Sketch: The Door
  2. Lesson 1: Who are You? I AM the Light!
  3. Lesson 2: Alpha & Omega
  4. Lesson 3: I AM, So You Are
  5. Lesson 4: Jesus, the Bread of Life

Disc 2

  1. Lesson 5: Christ, the Good Shepherd
  2. Lesson 6: Living With Eternal Value
  3. Lesson 7: Prepare to Live, Not Die
  4. Closing Sketch: Who I AM

Meeting God in His Word · Distinguishing the Word’s Truth from the World’s Error ·Encouraging Young Adults to Trust in Jesus.

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