The charge/church conference is to review a congregations progress, set goals for the coming year, approve the pastor’s compensation, elect congregational leaders approve candidates for ministry and approve building programs. A charge conference is the church council, appointed clergy, retired clergy associated with the congregation and the district superintendent or the superintendent’s representative. A church conference is all of the above people and the congregation’s professing members.

How to request a charge conference?
The district superintendent sets the date and time of charge and church conferences. The church council or the pastor may request the district superintendent to set a special charge or church conference to vote on a matter that cannot wait until the regular charge conference.

Charge/church conference forms
Each administrative committee’s charge conference form is located on the page associate with their committee. All of those forms upload into one charge conference form. All committees have specific deadlines for their report. If all committees have completed their report, the charge conference report should be completed by September 10 of each year. You may see your congregation’s charge conference report by asking your pastor for a copy.