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Get the 2018 Journal at your Fingertips

November means slowly falling leaves, a crisp chill in the air, suddenly pumpkin spice everything, and the annual printing of the EPA Journal. This year, the Conference is excited to introduce on-demand printing for the 2018 Journal. In past years, the Conference office has been saddled with cartons of unused Journals. This environmentally-friendly printing process will significantly reduce costs and waste while allowing readers to receive their Journals quickly and easily.

Click here to order your 2018 Journal now for the new price of $15!

With on-demand printing instead of ordering Journals online with a credit card and having them mailed from the Conference office, you will be able to order online directly from our printing partner Lulu Press.

Fear not, if you would like to purchase your Journal with a check you can still contact Regina Raiford Babcock in the Conference office at or 610.666.9090 ext. 1002 to order a 2018 Journal. For your convenience, the 2018 Journal will also be available for reference on our website.

We are all excited about this new streamlined way of offering the Journal to you. Please contact the Conference office for any additional Journal questions or concerns. Note: the 2018 Journal will not be available in pumpkin spice.

View the 2018 Journal online

The sections Agencies, Clergy, Church, and Laity are only available to logged-in users, to respect the privacy of individuals with their personal contact information listed in those sections. To access these sections, please log in to view the full journalYou may obtain your login credentials by contacting your District Office.

Download by section:
  • Prefix – Table of Contents, Conference Staff, Camps, Districts, and Annual Conference Photos.
  • Agencies (please log in) – Conference Agencies with Membership; General and Jurisdictional Boards, Agencies
  • Clergy (please log in) – Clergy Directory, Appointment List, Elders on Location, Spouses of Deceased Clergy Members, Clergy Service Record, Clergy Compensation
  • Church (please log in) – Church Directory
  • Laity (please log in)  – Christ Servant Ministers, Certified Lay Ministers
  • Annual Conference – Rules of Order, Annual Conference Proceedings, Certificate of Ordination, Business of the AC, Resolutions, AC Reports
  • Historical – Memorials, Workers in the Church Triumphant, Historical Record
  • Statistics – Statistics Summary & Key, Church Statistics by District
  • Policies – EPA Employee Handbook, Conference General Policies, Clergy Specific Policies of the Board of Ordained Ministry