Conference Journal

Order your 2016 Journal

A limited number of 2016 Eastern PA Conference Journals will soon be available.  Order yours today for $30 each.   You can order and pay on-line or send a check, by USPS to:  EPA UMC, Attention Gloria Knoeller, PO Box 820, Valley Forge, PA 19482-0820.

What’s in the Journal?  Contact information for Conference staff, clergy, Camp and Retreat Centers, Districts, and United Methodist Boards and Agencies.  Also, clergy appointments, pastoral salaries and service records.  Plus, all about the 2016 Annual Conference; Conference statistics for 2015; historical highlights; and conference policies and procedures for clergy, staff, and others.

Questions?  Please contact Gloria Knoeller at

Download the 2016 Journal online

The sections Agencies, Clergy, Church, and Laity are password-protected to respect the privacy of individuals with their personal contact information listed in those sections. The password to unlock these PDFs is the same password used to log in to the directory section of our website. Contact your District Office to receive this password. Also note that the password has changed from the one used to access the 2015 Journal and Directories.

NOTICE: To access versions of these files without password protection, please log in to view the journal in the directory section of our website.

Download the 2016 Journal (password-protected)

Download by section:
  • Prefix 
    Table of Contents, Conference Staff, Camps, Districts, and Annual Conference Photos.
  • 1 – Agencies (password-protected)
    Conference Agencies with Membership; General and Jurisdictional Boards, Agencies, and Resources
  • 2 – Clergy (password-protected)
    Clergy Directory, Appointment List, Elders on Location, Spouses of Decesased Clergy Members, Clergy Service Record, Clergy Compensation
  • 3 – Church (password-protected)
    Church Directory
  • 4 – Laity (password-protected)
    Christ Servant Ministers, Certified Lay Ministers
  • 5 – Annual Conference
    Rules of Order, 2016 AC Proceedings, Certificate of Ordination, Business of the AC, 2016 Resolutions, AC Reports
  • 6 – Historical
    Memorials, Workers in the Church Triumphant, Historical Record, Chronological Record
  • 7 – Budget and Stats
    Statistics Summary & Key, Church Statistics by District
  • 8 – Policies
    HR Policies and Practices for Conference Staff, Conference General Policies, Clergy Specific Policies of the Board of Ordained Ministry
  • Suffix
    Corrections to the 2015 Journal, Submit Corrections to the 2016 Journal, Index
  • Form to Submit Corrections to the 2016 Journal