Printable Listing of Eastern PA Conference Events (Updated weekly)

Academies, workshops, training events, convocations, retreats. The Eastern PA Conference is a vibrant, living organism that survives and indeed, thrives in community as we gather and grow together. Our connectional life is enhanced by these types of learning events and by other gatherings as well: worship and prayer services; concerts, theater, film viewings and other performances; celebrations; picnics; sports and recreation events–the list is endless.

We also provide access to a list of upcoming Conference meetings of boards, teams and committees, and to a list of recent and upcoming Local Church events. Please send us your complete information about meetings and events right away by using our Submit News page.


Some upcoming events may be cancelled or postponed due to the current Coronavirus outbreak. We will announce those cancellations and postponements here.

Conference Events
  • The July 24 – 25 Mission U has been cancelled.
  • The Laity Academy scheduled for July 31 – August 2 has been cancelled.

GC2020 delegates listening sessions postponed

The Eastern PA Conference delegation to the 2020 General & Jurisdiction conferences has postponed its remaining listening sessions, scheduled for April 2, 4, and 20, until further notice. The sessions will be rescheduled when the UMC’s global legislative assembly is rescheduled. They will occur at least two months prior to the new General Conference starting date.  

The Eastern PA delegates agree with the General Conference leadership’s feeling that “a pause is needed at this unique time,” said delegation co-chair Judy Ehninger. “All are encouraged to continue in ministry, sharing God’s love and actualizing the church we are called to be.”  

Ehninger recommends  several ways to prepare for General Conference while awaiting the rescheduled dates:

  1. Visit the website and read General Conference news and related articles. All proposed legislation should be posted there.   
  2. Visit the website and find the General Conference 2020 page in the News and Events pull-down menu.
  3. Subscribe to UM News Daily Digest and to our conference’s NEWSpirit Digestonline newsletter, at
  4. Pray for The United Methodist Church and our Eastern PA Conference delegation. A roster of delegates with email addresses is posted on our conference website . If you would like to send an individual note of encouragement or ask a question, please do so. We are available to answer your questions as best we can.

Conference Events


CORR Intercultural Competency Workshop

August 15 @ 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

This training is intentionally designed for clergy and congregations serving in a cross-racial/cross-cultural ministry context or wanting to engage the racially and ethnically diverse community around them more effectively. By increasing the level of intercultural competency, deepening the understanding of relationship dynamics, and being equipped with practical communication tools, clergy and congregations will become more intentional and effective in their ministry.

To that end, the expected outcomes to this workshop are as follows:

  • Participants will reflect biblically and theologically why we are engaged in CR/CC ministry creating the foundation for ministry in our diverse world.
  • Participants will grow in their self awareness, especially in terms of their racial/cultural realities and experiences.
  • Participants will learn and understand concepts regarding effective cross-racial/cross-cultural interaction and communication, and will be able to apply these concepts to their own contexts.
  • Participants will be equipped with a common language that will foster a deeper and greater sense of team-building and community.
  • Participants will be able to strategize and plan in order to increase Intercultural competency for the building ofGod’s beloved community

Zoom Session: 9:00am-12:30pm

The Zoom invitation for the day will be sent several days prior to the date of the workshop.

REGISTRATION CLOSES AUGUST 10, 2020. Register online now!

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2020 District Conferences

District conferences are now scheduled to convene on Sunday afternoon, October 4, at 3 PM.


  • July 25, 2020: Connectional Table Meeting, 9 AM – 11 AM. Zoom online meeting.
  • August 20, 2020: Advanced Sexual Ethics–Celibacy, Sexual Ethics and Boundaries. Register online now.
  • August 21 – 22, 2020: “Camping at the Crossroads” Summer Youth Rally
  • August 29: Basic Sexual Ethics
  • October 3, 2020: Connectional Ministries Leadership Training Event, Location: Cedarville UMC.
  • October 4, 2020: District Conferences
  • October 10, 2020: Domestic Violence Seminar, Time TBA
  • October 17, 2020: ERT/VIM Training, 8 AM – 4 PM, Eastwick UMC
  • October 17, 2020: UMW Annual Celebration. Download the flyer!
  • October 17, 2020: “Racism, Post-Traumatic Stress, & Transformation”
  • October 23-25, 2020: Dismantling Racism Training, Friday 5 PM – Sunday 3 PM, Desmond Hotel
  • November 14, 2020: Annual Faith-Sharing Event–Evangelism in a Changing Landscape
  • December 13, 2020: Annual “Celebrating our Cultures” Event, Zoom online meeting
  • March 13, 2021: Tools for Ministry. Times and Places TBD by Districts.

Printable Listing of Eastern PA Conference Events (Updated weekly.)