"Newness of Life" Romans 6:3-18

In this new year ‘walk in newness of life’

A favorite phrase for me in our Holy Communion liturgy is “walk in newness of life.” Do you see this New Year as an ideal time to do just that, to change something about your faith walk, your spiritual path, your steps toward wholeness, your journey toward Jesus?

What will you do this year that’s new and life-affirming? Add something new to your walk, your talk, or your practice of spiritual disciplines? Join or start a Bible study? Try out a different worship service or Sunday school class or a small group ministry at your church? Step outside your church, drive or walk around, and visit with neighbors in the community? Start or support a new mission project at home or abroad?

We can probably list and enumerate the things we do at church or even at home, as we tread the well-worn paths of our habits. But the things we haven’t done or even thought of doing, new things we might enjoy and benefit from, new things that might change our lives and relationships, our perspectives on faith and ministry–well, those things, those possibilities are so numerous, they can’t be counted.

So try walking “in newness of life” as this new year unfolds. In “Spiritual decluttering: A fresh start for a new year,” UMCom writer Joe Iovino offers simple suggestions–some good starting ideas–of things you can do at home and at church. Try them out. Then tell us what newness you plan for your life or your church’s ministry this year.

Write to us at communications@epaumc.org, or leave a post on our Facebook page, or tweet to @epaumc using the hashtag #newness. Please share your walk in newness with us, so we can pray for you and celebrate with you.Walk in newness of life--footprints

PS: Also check out Laurens Glass’s UMC.org article “Beyond New Year’s resolutions — make ‘faithful intentions’”

By John W. Coleman
Eastern PA Communications Director