Bishop’s spouse transitions to be trans woman

Because she wants to be a witness to others on a similar journey, the Rev. Mary Johnson is beginning to share the story of her transition from the Rev. Michael Johnson and her choice to live fully as the person she said God created her to be. She is the spouse of retired Bishop Peggy Johnson…

Bishop Johnson one of 16 U.S. bishops planning to retire

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson has announced her plans to retire after the Northeastern Jurisdictional (NEJ) Conference. “I have prayerfully considered this decision,” Bishop Johnson wrote in an open letter Feb. 13, “and I feel that it is in the best interest of the church and my family not to take another episcopal assignment in order to continue serving until 2024 (my mandatory retirement date).” 

Observing a Long Lent

It is difficult to believe that the Season of Lent is upon us once again. It seems like it was just Christmas. I continue to receive delayed Christmas cards every day; so it still feels like the holiday season….