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Stained-glass saints bless two UM flocks, now joined as one


Rev. Timothy Thomson-Hohl, pastor of Ardmore United Methodist Church, rejoices in the Easter Sunday unveiling of four stained glass windows of gospel-writing saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John that came from Bala Cynwyd UMC after it closed and merged with his congregation. The 1931-era windows, depicting the Gospel-writing saints Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in brilliant blue, green and purple, were from the shuttered United Methodist Church of Bala Cynwyd. Learn more…

Home furnishing ministry finds new home
WesleyUMCBethlehem-Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot1 (1)

Wesley United Methodist Church, BethlehemAllentown newspaper The Morning Call recently shared some great news about Wesley UMC in Bethlehem—great for them and for the many people they serve through their Lehigh Valley Outreach Depot.  This ambitious church mission enterprise receives, stores and provides free, donated goods and furnishings to people recovering from crises and undergoing transitions—often people who need help reestablishing their lives. The Depot has helped nearly 3,000 area families in its nearly seven years. To double down on its good deeds, it also provides a place for volunteers to assemble donated items into disaster relief kits for distribution to areas in need worldwide.

But on the verge of losing its low-rent warehouse space, the Depot was itself in dire need of a new home. Now, after a long search, this ministry, where faithful volunteers try to be “the hands and feet of God” has taken a surprising “leap of faith,” writes Morning Call columnist Bill White. In February they bought and began refurbishing a new, larger home in an old tire warehouse in Allentown. It required a generous donation, helpful financing arrangements and a labor of love from volunteers, so that the Outreach Depot can continue to fill gaps in people’s lives.

Read this uplifting account titled “Outreach Depot finally has a new home” in the Feb. 21 issue of The Morning Call. And thanks to the Rev. Andrew Krpata, Pastor, for sharing this great story with us.

Pastor finds true happiness serving God

Want to see and hear a truly inspiring testimony?Check out a brief video story about the Rev. Joe Martin of Fallsington UMC. You can also find it on the church’s Facebook page. ME TV reporter Dawn Stensland-Mendte visited friendly Fallsington UMC on Sunday, Feb. 5, to feature their “Pastor Joe.” The former New Jersey television engineer for 40 years, who saw most Christians as hypocrites, shares his story about first fleeing but then finding God in his late 50s and soon becoming a pastor–something he describes as “pretty amazing.”

He and his wife Penny both candidly testify to the dramatic turnaround in his life and character, which Joe attributes to God grace. “Just give God a chance,” he says. “With all the stuff I had before God, I thought I was the happiest guy in the world, until I found God. And now, serving God, I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my entire life.”

The Rev. Quentin Wallace has enjoyed a warm welcome in his first year at Covenant United Methodist Church

Rev. Quentin Wallace

The Rev. Quentin Wallace, just 13 months ago, became the first African-American pastor of Lancaster Covenant UMC, home to a mostly older, mostly white congregation. Read Lancaster Online writer Earle Cornelius’ uplifting August 12 article on how this pastor and his active congregation got to know and like each other, including his impassioned preaching style. See how they’re facing challenges that are all too familiar to struggling churches today.  Learn more…