Mar 30, 2021

Korean-American Polio Survivor and Longtime Pastor Prepares to Counsel Parishioners

Rev. Sukja Bang, pastor of Ackermanville UMC in Bangor, is featured in the Fordham News (March 29, 2021), an online publication of  Fordham University, where she will receive a D.Min. from the Graduate School of Religion and Religious Education in May. Her pastoral passion and doctorate degree specialization is in pastoral counseling and pastoral care. 

Read this interesting account of her life story, from her challenging childhood and ministry aspirations in South Korea to her discovery of new challenges and opportunities for serving in cross-racial/cross cultural ministry in Eastern PA. Bang, whose doctoral dissertation is on  “Clergy Self-Care for Cross-Racially/Cross-Culturally Appointed Pastors in the United Methodist Church,” serves on the Eastern PA Conference Commission on Religion and Race. Learn more…