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Here is where you can conveniently find all our Website’s recent news, information and feature stories, including those you may have missed when they appeared on the home page. You will find mostly stories about life, ministries, people, events and concerns directly related to the Eastern PA Conference. But we also have some content with a broader, churchwide scope and some local church-based stories that may interest readers around the conference and beyond. If you have news, information and good feature story possibilities, please contact us right away at Or use the Submit News feature on this site. News Articles

Conference Calendar

Use our online Conference Calendar as your primary planning resource to learn about and announce major upcoming events. It includes basic event information and links to event registration pages with necessary details. Use our Submit News page to send us key events that are sponsored or endorsed by the Eastern PA Conference. or that are relevant and open to conference members in general. Major district events are also included. Conference board and committee meetings and local church events are not included on this calendar, but are listed on the Conference Meetings page and the Local Church Events page, respectively, both accessible from the Events page. District events are also calendared on individual District pages. Continue to the Conference Calendar.


Academies, workshops, training events, convocations, retreats. The Eastern PA Conference is a vibrant, living organism that survives and indeed, thrives in community as we gather and grow together. Our  connectional life is enhanced by these types of learning events and by other gatherings as well: worship and prayer services; concerts, theater, film viewings and other performances; celebrations; picnics; sports and recreation events–the list is endless. Read more

Local Church Events (see all)

Please send us your complete information about Local Church Events right away by using our Submit News page. Also please, please send us copies of and/or Web links to published or broadcast news reports that mention your church or church members so we can feature them in “Methodists Make News.”

NEWSpirit Weekly Digest

Header screenshot of the News Digest, February 13, 2015 IssueA weekly, pictorial online newsletter reporting the latest in conference news and announcements, including new clergy appointments, key events, resources, ministries and personnel. Most stories are brief, but introductions to longer stories link to our Website or other media sources for more information. A great publication to forward to others. Better yet, encourage them to subscribe. It’s free. NEWSpirit Weekly Digest

NEWSpirit Newspaper

Front Page of the NEWSpirit, Spring 2015 IssueA quarterly publication (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall issues) offered online. NEWSpirit reports up-to-date news and views of the conference, including important concerns, events, resources, ministries and personnel. Featured are insightful, inspiring opinion columns written by Bishop Peggy Johnson (Faithfully Yours). Also included are recent clergy death notices and lots of colorful, revealing photos, including vivid photo displays of major events like Annual Conference. NEWSpirit Publication Archive


We have some outstanding photos and videos available to view on our Flickr and YouTube sites. Be sure to take a look, and get even closer to the action.


Visit our Blogs section to read informative, insightful and often inspiring commentaries about important concerns in and around the conference and the broader United Methodist Church. View  Conference Blog posts

Appointments & Retirements

Bishop Peggy A. Johnson announces the following appointments and retirements. Some individuals may continue serving at their current appointments in retired status. Continue

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Do you have a recent or upcoming activity, event or concern happening in your church, district or community that might be of interest to others in the conference? Is there someone–a pastor, leader or member–in your United Methodist congregation who is engaged in vital ministry that significantly impacts the lives of others–someone who is truly making disciples of Jesus Christ and helping to transform their church, their community or quite possibly the world? Then we want to know about it and maybe tell others about it, too.

So please send us your news, information, events or story ideas. We might not be able to cover every story we get; but we’ll do our best. Also, send us church-related job openings  or items to donate that you want to publicize throughout the conference.