Be an ally. Create awareness of an issue impacting Native Americans. Some examples:

Acknowledge the land. It is important to know the history of the land where you live and worship. Research local geography for precolonial inhabitants, those who were removed, what happened to them, and what place names remain.  

Research the Doctrine of Discovery. Learn the history not taught in schools and share it with your small group or congregation. A good website:

Share the story. Find stories of Native peoples and their origins.  Coyote Places the Stars by Harriet Taylor is a good example. Tell your own stories of how your ancestors came to settle on the land. Reflect on how your stories intersect with those of Native peoples.  Note the impact of this intersection on both your settler ancestors and Native inhabitants. Incorporate these stories into a worship service.  

  •  Coyote Places the Stars is available at

Use UMC Resources.  Find stories, videos, bulletin inserts and more at and share them to show the impact you are making with your gifts to Native American Ministries Special Sunday Offering.  Go to

Visit St John UMC. The closest Native American congregation to EPA Conference is also one of the oldest Native American churches in the nation. They welcome visitors every fifth Sunday when they plan a special Native American worship service.

Come to Camp Innabah. Did you know that the name “Innabah” was given by the Navajo People to the daughter of the man who donated the original $5,000 to purchase the property on which the camp was founded in 1929? EPA CoNAM has a program at Camp Innabah every spring and fall featuring guest speakers, presentations and worship. Join us as together we “walk the good road,” learning and worshiping together.

Contact us.  For more information about resources and speakers send us an email:, and be sure to explore the further resources below.

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