2022 Equitable Compensation Application
Equitable Compensation Application for 2021 funds

Due November 9, 2020 For Calendar Year 2021 Funding

Each year at Annual Conference the Commission on Equitable Compensation recommends the base compensation standards for pastors in our EPA Conference, which is then approved by vote at each session of Annual Conference. Local churches that are not able to pay the full amount of the minimum compensation to their pastor may apply for and receive supplemental funds from the annual conference. These funds are provided through the Equitable Compensation Fund, which is funded by the Annual Conference budget.

Dewees Grants

In accordance with the provision in the Dewees will, the funds are given to the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church “to use in the mission programs of …

Connectional Ministries Fund 2021 Holiday

Dear Conference Churches, To celebrate the good financial standing of the annual conference, the Council on Finance and Administration (CCFA) has approved a payment holiday for local churches of the …