Celebrating a Silver Anniversary

The Order of Deacons (1996-2021)  At the 1996 General Conference of The United Methodist Church, the Order of Deacons was voted into existence.  The church has long had a consecrated …

Lessons we can learn

The painful history of Native American boarding schools The dark atrocities of the Native American boarding schools are coming to light in recent years. Last week in the news, we …

Freedom isn’t Free

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) recently issued some long-awaited, almost unbelievable news: those who have been fully vaccinated can resume life normally without masks.  Of course, those …

Pentecost: Come, Holy Spirit!

When I arrived on the campus of Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, in the fall of 1977 to begin my Master of Divinity degree, one of the first things …

Freeing ourselves from the prisons in our hearts

The most curious thing that belonged to my father was a cotton handkerchief that he mounted on a frame and hung on the wall in his little antique shop. On the handkerchief was a hand-painted picture of a beautiful Japanese woman, surrounded by a pink cherry blossom tree and some Japanese writing.

Mass murder every day

By Bishop Peggy A. Johnson

I am certain that all of us are grieved by the uptick of mass shootings that are happening all over the country at the moment. This is of course not a new thing. We have seen this pattern of clusters of mass shootings in the past in this country.

Spreading the aroma of Christ

An aroma is a curious thing. It can bring back a precious memory. It can remind us of a person or an event. It can be familiar or unmistakable, and it can even create a mood or enhance our energy level.

Tiny, dispersed molecules can produce powerful aromas with a big effect. In fact, aroma therapy is a multi-million dollar enterprise, so powerful are its scents to people.