Feb 11, 2021

Global Ministries Team
Chairperson: Barbara Drake

Report submitted by: Barbara Drake
Email: bedrake15@aol.com
Phone: (610) 446-1394
Date submitted: 02/11/2021

Recent Events & Activities

The Global Ministries Team prepared a Fall 2020/Winter edition of our newsletter, Wellspring, to explain the combination of 3 previous committees (Church and Society Work Team, Health and Healing Council, and Missions Committee) into one new committee called the Global Ministries Team.  Other information in the Wellspring included healthy eating, domestic violence, Christian mindfulness, mental health, Peace with Justice grants, Congo Partnership, Global Ministries Giving Campaign, missionaries related to EPC, the Prayer Calendar, and books to read on racial justice.

The Peace with Justice Coordinator participated in a zoom meeting with the staff of the General Board of Global Ministries.  The report of the meeting was shared with the other members of the Global Ministries Team.

Monthly zoom gatherings of the Conference Secretaries of Global Ministries and the Abundant Health Coordinators were attended, along with zoom missionary itinerations.