Feb 23, 2024 | The Marilyn Schneider

People are responding to our Undies for Easter campaign to provide needed underwear for those entering incarceration in Philadelphia. We are halfway towards our goal for 2.000 total packages of underwear purchased. Thanks to all who have participated thus far! But we still have another halfway to go. So, we have a new challenge, and we need everyone’s help please!

A generous church member in Eastern PA has offered to purchase 75 packages of undershirts if that total can be matched by March 13. If everyone else can please purchase a total matching number (75) of packages of undershirts or briefs from the Amazon gift list by March 13, that will add 150 packages of underwear to our total.  That would bring us much closer to achieving our goal, with just over a week to complete the total campaign.

Let’s please complete this campaign and meet our Undies for Easter goal to deliver 2.000 total packages to the prison by Palm or Passion Sunday March 24. Thank you!

Each inmate arriving into the Philadelphia Prison System is given ONE pair of underpants and no undershirts.  Can you imagine living with only one pair of underpants?

Two years ago, in our first Undies for Easter Campaign, your generosity provided over 2000 men’s briefs and over 2000 men’s undershirts.* Head Chaplain Carmelo Urena is now again in need of assistance, as he aims to provide at least one additional pair of briefs and an undershirt to each individual entering incarceration. 

The need has grown as the number of people in the Philadelphia prison system has increased significantly from about 6000 to about 8000. The needs of about 300 women there are being addressed by a number of other organizations. The men in the system do not have this support. So our new campaign will focus on providing briefs and undershirts for the men.

We have set up a new Undies for Easter Gift Registry on Amazon.com.**  Just click on this link.

Anyone can easily purchase online packages of selected Hanes underwear, containing nine pairs of men’s white briefs—medium or large—and Hanes 6-packs of undershirts in large and X-large.  They will benefit the health and wellness of our incarcerated brothers. The cost may vary, but it should be affordable and worthwhile.

We hope to again collect and deliver at least 2,000 pairs of briefs and undershirts through this campaign to support the chaplain’s efforts. This campaign will end on Palm Sunday, March 24; and all purchased underwear will be delivered to the chaplain before Easter Sunday.

Thank you for your generosity in supporting those who are incarcerated!

The EPA UMC Prison Ministry and Restorative Justice Team

*Read “EPA delivers ‘Undies for Easter’ to grateful prison staff

**All donations must be made online via Amazon.com and delivered to the Eastern PA Conference Office P.O. Box before Palm Sunday, March 24, 2024. All men’s briefs and undershirts must be identical to those specific items on our Amazon gift list.  Contact the Rev. Marilyn Schneider, of the EPA UMC Prison Ministries & Restorative Justice Team, with any questions or concerns.  prisonministries@epaumc.church