Oct 25, 2019

NEW! Eastern PA Conference NEWSpirit Communications has created a new resource, NEWSpirit Bulletin, for local churches. It’s a brief, inspiring look at ministries around our conference that you can share with your church. 

Simply download, print, copy and insert it in your worship bulletin, and/or display it on your church bulletin board, and/or place copies on an information table for members and guests to pick up and read. 

NEWSpirit Bulletin is a simple but meaningful way to share a little good news with all who attend or visit your church, and even to share it with your community. You can find it on our Local Church Media Resources webpage, along with other items.

Issue 1 features the conference’s Four Stations of the Holy Spirit initiative that teaches lay members how they can share their faith with others in profound and helpful ways through prayer, anointing with oil, offering Holy Communion and reaffirming their baptism. Check it out. 

We will try to produce a new issue of NEWSpirit Bulletin every two months and then let you know about it in NEWSpirit Digest. Please let us know if and how you use it and any reactions you or others may have. And please share this information with others. Also, send us suggestions of more good news ministry stories we can share. Contact us at communications@epaumc.org. Thanks!