Feb 04, 2021

Longtime youth ministry leader Christian Endeavor (CE) will host its Intentional NextGen Discipleship Workshop on Zoom on Wednesday, Feb. 24, and it invites Eastern PA Conference youth leaders and ministers to attend. The 90-minute session begins at 12 PM.  Dave Coryell, an ordained Deacon, is executive director of the Gilbertsville, PA-based organization.

CE’s says it is “responsible for starting youth ministry in America” and has “over 40 years of extensive youth/young adult ministry experience and training of thousands of youth workers, pastors and parents/caregivers across five continents.” Serving more than a hundred churches in the U.S. and over 10,000 churches around the globe, its network offers “the most widely used NextGen discipleship process in the world.” The service also teaches college courses and workshops for youth workers.

This workshop specifically equips people to make discipleship more than programs and events. You will capture a vision for inspiring the next generation to live for Christ daily and gain an intentional system to make this happen. You will be taught how to apply this process in your local setting while intentionally caring for the spiritual vitality of yourself and other adults on your ministry team. 

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