The 2024 Northeastern Jurisdictional Conference will be held July 8-12, 2024 at the OMNI William Penn Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The theme for the event is "Overflowing with Hope." 

Below is the list of scheduled events.

Sunday, July 7

  • The Jurisdictional Commitee on Episcopacy begins to gather based on their agenda.
  • Program & Arrangements meet.
  • College of Bishops meet.
  • Jurisdictional Nominating Commitee arrives.

Monday, July 8

  • Commitee on Episcopacy gathers.
  • Commitee on Nominations gathers for nomination recommendations.
  • College of Bishops gathers.
  • All other Jurisdictional delegates and reserves arrive and register.
  • Dinner for everyone.
  • Evening gathering worship and divide into small groups.

Tuesday, July 9

  • If there are to be Episcopal elections – interview groups will interview all day.
  • If there are to be no elections, then there will be alternate plans for Tuesday. (Again, until the General Conference is completed – there is just no way of knowing regarding Episcopal Elections. However, we must be ready for elections and if not – then we will be nimble and have another option planned for Tuesday.)

Wednesday, July 10

  • Jurisdictional Conference begins with opening worship and Memorial Service.
  • Jurisdictional Conference business.

Thursday, July 11

  • Jurisdictional Conference business.

Friday, July 12

Jurisdictional Conference business will conclude by approximately 1:00 p.m