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As the area pioneer leaders called home, and the territory where critical moments in United Methodist history took place, Eastern Pennsylvania is arguably the most historic in the entire connection. Here Francis Asbury preached his first sermon in the colonies in 1771. Here Jacob Albright found Christ, began preaching, and organized the first class of what would become the Evangelical Church. Here Phillip William Otterbein and Martin Boehm clasped hands, proclaiming Wir sind Bruder!, giving birth to the United Brethren in Christ. Here in 1794 African-Americans founded Zoar, the oldest black congregation in the United Methodist Church, and here the Delaware Conference, the first to allow full ordination and appointment of black preachers within the ME church, was established in 1864. Here Richard Allen became the first black preacher ordained in America, by Bishop Asbury, and here in 1816 Allen founded the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church.

The history of our conference is not dead and past, but can continue to inspire and guide us, as we remember and celebrate the faithful servants of Christ who have gone before.

From The Annals of Eastern Pennsylvania, Journal of the Historical Society and the Commission on Archives and History of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference of the United Methodist Church. Joseph F. DiPaolo, Editor

Welcome to Historic St. George’s UMC Library & Archive

Sign outside of St. George's UMC. This is American's oldest Methodist Church Edifice, having been in continuous use since 1769.Our collection comprises books and original source documents dating from the late 1700s and serves as the archive for the United Methodist Churches of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference. We welcome scholars and writers interested in our library for research. Contact the church office at 215-925-7788 or e-mail us at for more information.

Our archives contain many record books from closed churches in the Conference, as well as correspondence and diaries of early ministers. Learn more…

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Boehm’s Chapel 2018 Heritage Program

Summer events scheduled at Boehm’s Chapel include the annual ‘Heritage Sunday’ business meeting, and worship program to be held June 24th, beginning at 4:00 PM.

The condensed business program will segue directly into the worship program, featuring Anne Brockley, historian of Otterbein UMC, Lancaster, as guest speaker.

Brockley will present a twenty-minute PowerPoint program on the history of the Otterbein congregation, established in 1904.  The program is based on her anniversary book, “Otterbein Church 110 Years of History and Service.”  Copies of the book will be available after the worship program.

Reformed pastor, Phillip William Otterbein, and Mennonite Bishop Martin Boehm met at a ‘Great Meeting’ held at Long’s Barn on Pentecost Sunday, 1767.   Their pursuit of common spiritual beliefs, created a friendship, which lasted throughout their lifetimes.  Gradually, a following of like-minded believers, developed around their teaching, which formally organized, in 1800,  as the United Brethren in Christ Church.  Heritage Sunday 2018 will bring followers of Boehm and Otterbein together in worship.

At the conclusion of the the worship section of the program, light refreshments will be available on the porch of The Tying Shed.  For additional information contact

15 United Methodist Historic Sites in the Eastern PA Conference

Boehm's Chapel exterior

Boehm’s Chapel

See the list of our historic sites below, and use the links to find out more information about them. Historic sites are established by the vote of an Annual, Central or Jurisdictional Conference in session. Each is registered by and receives a plaque from the General Commission on Archives and History They are numbered by the order of their registration.The six names in bold, red text are also among the 46 UM Heritage Landmarks designated by General Conference. Those that lack numbers are Heritage Landmarks that were designated before the inauguration of the numbered Historic Sites program.

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