Tools for Ministry

March 13, 2021 Morning Schedule: 8:40 AM – Plenary (Including opening Devotions with Bishop Peggy Johnson, Text to Give Offering opportunity with proceeds going to Antiracism POWER Organization, Philadelphia) 9:00 AM – Session …

Tools for Ministry to ‘build up the body’

The six district training events will be spread over three Saturdays. Four districts–Central, East, Southeast and Southwest–will hold theirs on Saturday, March 5. The Northeast District will hold its leadership training on March 12 with a focus on poverty. And the Northwest District Tools gathering is delayed until April 30.

Most of the myriad workshops will be led by home teams of knowledgeable clergy and lay professionals and volunteers from across our conference. But there will be a few out-of-town guest-lecturers among the diverse faculties.