May 27, 2021

Dear Conference Churches,

To celebrate the good financial standing of the annual conference, the Council on Finance and Administration (CCFA) has approved a payment holiday for local churches of the 2021 Connectional Ministries Fund (CMF). This is a one-year-only payment holiday. The local church may choose one month to take advantage of the holiday. A church completing 11 monthly CMF payments for 2021 will be considered as having paid 100% of their Connectional Ministries Fund apportionments. The remittance statement will reflect the entire obligation. The adjustment will be processed during the year-end close in January 2022, but be assured that 11 monthly payments of the Connectional Ministries Fund will be considered paid in full.

All other funds, including World Service, General Church, and the billed funds, should be paid monthly and in full as usual. The local church may spend these forgiven funds as they wish. The Holy Spirit may prompt some churches to provide extra mission and ministry funds to a local charity, a conference camp, or an international mission. Other churches will simply reduce the expenses for the church.

Thank you for approving the 2022 Connectional Ministries budget and for successfully supporting the ministry and connection of the Eastern Pennsylvania Conference.