Dec 03, 2021

This year was our 8th year of YUMC Pumpkin Patch! In every way possible, it was the Year of Most Evers!

On October 16th, the most YUMCers we have ever had came to unload pumpkins.  39 people gave up their afternoon to unload 700 pumpkins.

As we unloaded by our most efficient way ever, we successfully unloaded 700 pumpkins in 40 minutes.  However, there were still more pumpkins in the truck.  Since we were the last stop, we had to take all the pumpkins.  So, as a thunderstorm moved around us, we continued to unload for a total of 1,087 large pumpkins… the most pumpkins ever!

It was a crazy day! Everyone worked together and supported one another to unload the truck.  Afterwards, a youth shared that it was a group bonding experience and was a lot of fun!

The next day, the Pumpkin Patch was open for business.  Sunday October 17th we had non stop customers come through.  That day ended up being the day we sold the most pumpkins ever!

The day was full of people from our community coming by and sharing that they had been waiting for weeks for us to open.  For the next two weeks, we continued to have record sales and so many people come by to say they are glad we are open.

Everyday we are open, it takes a minimum of three people to run the patch for six hours.  Last year, I was in the patch a lot, because no one signed up.  This year, we had The Most Sign Ups Ever!  I am amazed and so thankful that people made time to sit in the patch!

Because we had 300 extra pumpkins, I reached out to a few churches in our community to see if they could use them for ministry.  Three churches took us up on our offer and picked up a total of 200 pumpkins and used them to do good in their church community. 

In the end, our goal is to raise money. After we send the Patch their portion, we usually raise about $1200-$1500.  This year, we raised $2500. . . The Most Ever!

I am truly amazed at the year we had.  The YUMC Pumpkin Patch started as a new fund-raiser for our youth.  In the past 8 years, it has turned into so much more.  The YUMC Pumpkin Patch is a tradition for many people.  The YUMC Patch is a place where our neighbors connect with us and share a few moments of conversation.  The YUMC Patch is a place our community knows they can stop by, grab a pumpkin they need for decoration, school projects and more. The YUMC Pumpkin Patch is a place where the church family comes together to serve, share and support one another and our community.

Thank you to all who shopped, unloaded, supported and served at the YUMC Pumpkin Patch this year!  YOU made it the BEST YEAR EVER!!!

Denise J. Harris
Yardley UMC Youth Minister
215-493-3345 ext. 202