Mar 22, 2023 | John W. Coleman

The resurgent Uncovered Dish Christian Leadership Podcast, produced by the Greater New Jersey Conference every Wednesday, offers a diverse weekly menu of informed, insightful conversations that can feed healthy wisdom to inquiring minds, bodies and souls.

Our first episode explores the ethical implications of using ChatGPT and Generative AI in ministry. Last week’s episode addresses the importance of Sabbath rest for clergy mental health. And this week the topic is anti-racism embedded in the Christian church—how it got there and how we can try to heal it by creating a more just, equitable community.

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This week’s guest is the Rev. Enger Muteteke, Senior Director of Programs and Education at the United Methodist General Commission on Religion and Race (GCORR). We explore with her how the sin of racism has been historically embedded within the church, and how we can work to dismantle it. Enger shares her personal stories about racism and her experience of working with GNJ’s Journey of Hope plan, which provides strategies to help leaders engage in anti-racism work within their own churches.

Uncovered Dish Podcast guest Dr. Nate Stucky discusses clergy mental health

In last week’s episode, we dive deep with Dr. Nate Stucky, Director of the Farminary and Assistant Professor of Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary, into the importance of Sabbath rest for clergy mental health. More than 44% of pastors report that their jobs are numbing and draining, and 90% of the pastors at a recent gathering rated their stress level between 8 and 10.

This conversation is about rest as resistance against the systems that tell us that we are only as valuable as our utility. We explore how the church can support its pastors in making rest a priority. The message of the gospel is not one of overworking and burnout, but of rest and restoration. When we rest, we aren’t being lazy, but we are resisting against the systems that seek to define our worth by our productivity.

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