Aug 30, 2021

The United Methodist Committee on Relief is responding to suffering and loss in an earthquake-ravaged section of Haiti, providing funds to Methodists and other partners there to help Haitians who have lost their homes and family members and to buy urgently needed medical supplies for doctors and hospitals. Learn more at

Meanwhile, UMCOR and its sponsoring UM Global Ministries agency are working with longtime global partners to address the deadly political chaos in Afghanistan. They are aiding desperate, displaced families in the Kabul area and helping Church World Service with refugee resettlement efforts. Learn more at

You can support these critical, international humanitarian efforts—individually or through your church. Mail donations to Global Ministries/UMCOR, P.O. Box 9068, New York, NY 10087-9068 (indicate Advance Project #982450), or give online to International Disaster Response and Recovery Advance #982450 ( Also, help UMCOR address the Global Refugee and Migration crisis with gifts to Advance Project #3022144Those interested in assisting locally in the resettlement of Afghan refugees can learn more from Church World Service at