Apr 19, 2021

Like a good toolbox, this year’s Tools for Ministry online leadership academy, held March 13, is still available and useful. At least 26 of the 34 diverse, 90-minute courses, all provided via video conferencing on Zoom, were recorded. A page full of links to those recordings is now available on the conference website

The conference was forced to offer Tools for Ministry fully online for the first time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that alternative presented at least two silver linings: convenient at-home attendance and these recordings made available for those who were limited to taking just two courses that Saturday morning.

Some may want to learn more from other courses; and some may want to review or share with others what they learned that day. Indeed, these recorded courses can be viewed online along with study groups or entire congregations as a collective educational resource. And they may point to online alternative considerations when future Tools for Ministry events are planned.  Learn more…