Apr 14, 2021

Join us for an important discussion to benefit our communities…

The Eastern PA Conference Urban Commission’s Fight for Floyd and Beyond Initiative will sponsor a webinar on African Americans and Policing: Developing Healthy Police and Community Relationships on Thursday, April 22, 6:30 to 8:30 PM on Zoom.

Participants leading the discussion will include:

  • The Rev. Eric Carr, a Police Chaplain in Southwest Philadelphia and pastor of St. Daniel’s UMC in Chester;
  • Millicent Clark, a leader of Mid-Town Parish UMC and the 8th and Diamond Streets Neighborhood Advisory Committee in Philadelphia, and also managing director of UM Neighborhood Services.
  • Jamina Clay of the Colonial Area Anti-Racism and Social Equity Alliance, a community organization created in 2020 in Montgomery County.
  • The Rev. Gregory Holston, pastor of Janes Memorial UMC in Philadelphia and senior advisor to District Attorney Larry Krasner, will give the “closing charge” call to action.