Jun 16, 2021

Connectional Ministries Fund

Church giving for the Connectional Ministries Fund (CMF) was $1,326,001 through May 2021.

Local church giving to CMF was $108 thousand more than budget and $154 thousand more than May 2020. 

Expenses through May 2021 were $1,016,255 that was $323 thousand less than the year-to-date budget and $91 thousand less than May 2020.

All Funds

The local churches paid $5.44 million or 32% of the total billed of $17.12 million to all churches.

This is an increase of 1% from the prior year when local churches paid $5.32 million 31% of the total billed of $17.13 million.

The apportioned funds (CMF, WSF, and GCF) giving through May 2021 were $1.83 million, or 29% of the total budget.  The total percentage is up 1.75% from the prior year.  The amount through May 2020 was $1.77 million or 27% of the budget.

The Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CCFA) is closely monitoring the revenue and expenses. The Annual Conference is sincerely thankful for the continued faithful giving of the local churches.