May 26, 2022

Holy One,

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of those in Uvalde, Texas.

We recognize, however, that this isn’t enough.

Mobilize us, God.

We do not want to be desensitized to violence.

Stir something deep within that empowers us to stand up to violence of all kinds but most especially to the violence that hurts your sweet children.

Give us words to speak truth to power.

Show us how to use our hands, our feet, and our hearts because we know that you require more from us in these times.

Provide us with the strength only you can provide as we seek to protect all of your children.

We pray for the healing of those who are in critical condition, for the parents and families who are grieving, and for this community who has suffered a great loss.


This prayer was written by Aimee Cox, director of children’s ministry at Christ United Methodist Church, and was published on May 24, 2022, by United Methodist Communications. The contact is Joe Iovino.

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Republished from UMC.ORG